Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking for Christmas cards??? Check out Shutterfly!

You do not need to check out any other sites when ordering your Christmas cards this year. Or Holiday cards if you do not celebrate Christmas ;)

Last year I used another site, but they did not have the same quality as Shutterfly (you can message me and I'll tell you which site). Shutterfly has so many choices, which makes them a good choice for you! Depending on what you are looking for you can find winter theme, Santa theme, Christmas trees. My favorite this year happen to be the Polar Express Christmas Card. Jack's favorite move right now is Polar Express. He loves the "train part" as he calls it, which happens to be most of the movie! I hope next year to take him on a Polar Express ride, but it will depend on where we are living (I am hoping to be in Florida next year). This card shows what our families current "love" is :) This year we will be adding our new family member to our Christmas card. Ethan was born December 18, 2009 so I had already sent out our Christmas cards. The hard part will be trying to get a good picture of Jack and Ethan :)

I love to make Calendars each year for my parents and brother. My brother lives far away so it is a great way for him to be able to see the kids whenever he wants. Shutterfly does an awesome job on calendars and I love that they offer so many choices when you "build" your calendar. I personally like the Wall Calendars but I think this year I will get my mom a Desk Calendar so she can easily keep it close by. I love how the Wall Calendars have so many options of "style". Shutterfly offers so many more choices than many of the other online sites that make similar products (but once again, I do not find the other sites of the same quality). I have never really looked at the Desk Calendars until this year, but I am impressed with the choices that are offered. I thought they would be boring, but I am amazed! I think I am going to get my mom the A Year of Quotes style. I know she loves quotes, so now she will have them while looking at her beautiful grandsons!

Let me know what you think. Which site will you be using this year? I will recommend Shutterfly to everyone this year. I love the quality, choices and fast shipment! Fast shipment is important for me as I always seem to procrastinate getting the Christmas cards done!

Made it to MCO!

I can officially say I have traveled successfully with 2 kids alone! Brendan was able to walk us down to the airplane and get us settled in seats (since he flies for the company we were flying). Jack was great during the whole flight- I even traveled without a car seat for him since he had on in my mom's car already (which is where we were going). Ethan....was cranky for an hour during the flight. :( But we managed. I had no idea what I was going to do when we landed. I had Jack, Jack's backpack, Ethan, Ethan's car seat, diaper bag and computer bag...and just me! I had Ethan in the Ergo so that helped and some nice lady carried the car seat off the plane for me! One of the pilots had already opened up the stroller so I just loaded the front with my crap and Jack sat in the back (I had my sit/stand with me). I am glad I was able to do it alone. Not sure how I would do it with 3 kids...maybe I should rethink wanting a 3rd? :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It has been 5 days and Jack is still doing great on the potty. We told him for the past few weeks that once his diapers were gone, we were not buying anymore. He would say "then I go pee-pee on the potty". The day came on Sunday (11/21) and he has been wearing his big boy underwear ever since. He is soooo cute about it. We remind him to tell someone when he needs to go so he will come and say "mommy/daddy I have to go potty". Then when he flushed the toliet and will say "bye-bye pee-pee, I'm a big boy now!". I love him.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jack is 8.5 months

I can't believe my little is growing up so fast. He is already getting his own personality and is our little monkey.

I have been lucky enough to stay home with Jack since he was born. I will go back to teaching in January. Brendan just started flying for Southwest Airlines in June. Jack LOVES when his daddy comes home. He seems to "know" that daddy leaves for a few days and then comes back for a few days.